Dean's Message

I am pleased to welcome you to the official website of the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences (AMS) at Mutah University.
 The Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences is regarded as a pivotal institution in health education, contributing significantly to the comprehensive development of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. As one of the colleges within Mutah University, its primary objective is to enhance the quality of healthcare and therapeutic services available to citizens. It bears the responsibility of graduating proficient healthcare professionals capable of serving effectively in the healthcare sector.

Established in 2022, the College evolved from the inception of the Medical Laboratory Sciences Department in 2014/2015, initially under the auspices of the College of Science. It subsequently expanded to include specialties such as respiratory care.

The College aspires to assume a leading role regionally in medical sciences education and research. Its commitment extends to meeting rigorous academic standards and continually refining its programs to align with advancements in health professions. To this end, students undergo training in accredited Jordanian government hospitals, equipping them with practical skills for professional life.

The university and college administration are actively pursuing the creation and establishment of several distinctive academic departments. These endeavors aim to meet the demand for skilled professionals in the local and regional healthcare sectors. Planned future departments include Applied Microbiology, Radiology, Forensic Sciences, and Clinical Nutrition, the latter to be affiliated with the Diabetes and Endocrinology Center at Mu'tah University. Additionally, the college plans to introduce a graduate program in medical laboratory sciences.

The Dean
Dr. Nesrin Riad​ Mwafi